Lakeland Veterinary Imaging

Serving Northeast Wisconsin
Based in Green Bay area, WI 54155


For clinics/clients located outside of our mobile service area, pets with an urgent illness, or for clinics that are not able to accommodate us (due to space or staffing), we offer scheduled outpatient appointments for ultrasound, radiograph studies, and advanced tissue sampling. We know that our mobile diagnostic imaging services cannot meet everyone’s needs and we anticipate that a fixed location for referral will remove this personnel and space burden for many referring veterinarians, while still continuing to offer quality referral diagnostic imaging as an option for patients.  

Our office space is located inside Trout Creek Veterinary Center; although we share space, all medical records, staff, and contact methods remain separate.

Outpatient Referral Diagnostic Imaging with Lakeland Veterinary Imaging


To schedule an appointment for ultrasound or other diagnostic imaging studies (PennHIP or OFA testing), pet owners can contact us directly at (608)630-6930 or email us at

Currently, we are scheduling these outpatient appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Our office space is located INSIDE Trout Creek Veterinary Center at:
560 Centennial Centre Blvd, #110
Hobart, WI 54155

Prior to Arrival

Occasionally light sedation is necessary for a complete and thorough ultrasound exam.  Sedation is usually required for pets undergoing ultrasound-guided sampling procedures.  In preparation for this, we recommend your pet not be fed for at least 8-12 hours prior to their exam.  It is generally not necessary to withhold water during this time (unless specifically recommended by your primary veterinarian or the LVI veterinarians).  

** If patients are having an ultrasound for kidney/urinary issues, please do not allow your pet to urinate within 1 hour of their scheduled appointment. **

Appointment Details

Most appointments take approximately 1 hour to complete.  During your pet's ultrasound or radiography appointment, we expect you to remain available by phone.   You are welcome to wait in the lobby of Trout Creek Veterinary Care, in your car, or (weather permitting) to take a short walk locally.  

We are fully equipped to perform ultrasound-guided aspirates or biopsy, cageside coagulation profile at the time of your pet's ultrasound if needed.

Follow Up

In most cases, an imaging diagnosis is available at the time of the exam.  Dr. Miller will discuss all imaging findings directly with the pet owners when studies are performed on an outpatient referral basis.

Written ultrasound/radiograph reports (provided by the next business day) will be provided to you and your pet's primary veterinarian or veterinary specialist via email.  

If needle aspirate, biopsy, or other organ sampling is obtained with ultrasound guidance, these results are often not available for 3-5 business days (depending on the laboratory).  Additional diagnostic test results (bloodwork, cytology, histopathology, PennHIP and OFA reports, etc...) will also be shared via email as soon as results are available.


Payment is expected at the time of appointment.  We prefer when there are no surprises for you regarding fees and we work hard to make sure our estimates are accurate and complete.  We are always happy to discuss a fee estimate with you in advance.  

We accept payment in the form of cash (exact change only), check, credit card, or Care Credit