Lakeland Veterinary Imaging

PO Box 392
Boulder Junction, WI 54512


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Lakeland Veterinary Imaging, LLC was formed in 2010 by Dr. Daniel Heder.  By offering convenient, affordable, high-quality imaging consultation, Lakeland Veterinary Imaging has successfully eliminated many barriers to these important diagnostic tools for veterinarians and pet owners throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Dr. Heder and his associate, Dr. Brianne Miller, specialize in advanced diagnostic imaging, including:

  • ultrasound
  • echocardiography
  • ultrasound-guided tissue sampling
  • PennHIP and OFA radiographic procedures
  • other advanced radiographic procedures involving contrast

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Lakeland Veterinary Imaging provides service in multiple areas of the state, including:

  • Northeast Wisconsin (Brown, Manitowoc, and surrounding counties)
  • Wisconsin's Northwoods & the UP of Michigan (Vilas, Oneida, and surrounding counties)



Contact Us:


call Dr. Heder: (608)630-0469 for the northern tier

call Dr. Miller: (608)630-6930 for Green Bay/Manitowoc & surrounding area