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AD Combo

Ultrasound and Cardiac Workup Indications:


  • Coughing and exercise intolerance
  • Heart murmurs or arrhythmias
  • Abnormal blood chemistry or complete blood count values
  • Enlarged lymph nodes or palpable masses
  • Diseases of the urinary system: straining to urinate, blood in the urine, bladder stones, enlarged prostate
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal system: anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool, chronic weight loss
  • Jaundice or elevated bile acids
  • Diseases of the thyroid/parathyroid gland
  • Diseases of the eye:  blood in the eye, ocular masses, inflammation in the eye
  • Diseases of the tendons and joints
  • Anal gland tumors
  • Pregnancy confirmation
  • Guided biopsies or aspirates